Improve Confidence & Manage Stress By Growing Your EQ

It’s been proven that you can grow your Emotional Intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ). Everstrong App’s 30 – 60-second exercises are designed to increase your emotional strength.  That will help your relationship with yourself and others improve dramatically!

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EverStrong™ Helps You Build Emotional Intelligence

EverStrong combines clinical approaches to mental wellness along with centuries of ancient global philosophies, tailored to your EQ growth.

Tackle Life’s Big Challenges

Look, we know how overwhelming life can be! Trouble focusing, unsure if you’re good enough, struggling with some relationships? Our recent survey showed that this is the norm. We can all use some tools to help. With EverStong you have instant access to emotional strength tasks. When you are feeling anxious or just a little off, open the app and do a 30 to 60-second exercise to get back on track.

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Improve Your Mental Health

We know that struggling with health issues (physical or mental) creates challenges with a frantic mind and the ability to focus.

EverStrong offers bite-sized, timed exercises to bring your mind to the present. Over time, you build your emotional muscle, just as you do a physical muscle. And when your emotional muscle is stronger, you are more able to handle challenging situation on your own.

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Build Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the key factor that indicates high performing individuals. Why? Well, life is full of messy situations and we all have emotions around those situations. When we have the tools to deal with them, we are more balanced, focused, physically well, and able to overcome life’s challenges.  EverStong’s app gives you tools to build self-awareness, emotional regulation, motivation, empathy, and relationship skills.

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How EverStrong Works

Choose a Goal

Select an area you want to improve.

Start An Exercise

Pick an exercise that looks good to you.

Track Your Progress

See how far you’ve come growing life-long skills.

What EverStrong Users Are Saying

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I committed to using this app at least a couple of times a day, and it really helped me change my thought habits. I’m quicker to notice when I feel stressed now, and the app helps to clear my mind.

D. Bruce Stevens

Short, fun and effective exercises. Great for anxiety and stress relief, but you can easily change things up to keep it fresh.

David Chandler

I like the fact that I can do an exercise at exactly the moment that I’m most stressed…like in a meeting or in line at the store.helps to clear my mind.

Chris D.

EverStrong™ helps you strengthen your emotional intelligence and build a more peaceful life, greater confidence at work, and happier relationships.

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